Established in 2011, The Gun Cleaners expert cleaning staff has cleaned thousands of firearms ranging from Civil War Era rifle heirlooms to the latest and greatest semi and fully-automatic firearm platforms. In addition, The Gun Cleaners excels in the following areas:



The Gun Cleaners have developed and created our very own proprietary cleaning solvent, lubrication, and ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication machines. We have tested hundreds of configurations, formulas, and functions to ensure that our technology solution for firearm cleaning provides the deepest and most thorough cleaning for your firearm available in the market place.



The Gun Cleaners proprietary process follows an exact methodology to provide constant and efficient cleanings for every firearm that comes into our stores. Our customers demand a consistent cleaning experience each and every time they come in to get their firearms cleaned and The Gun Cleaners makes that happen!



The Gun Cleaners cleaning experts are former military, law enforcement officers or gunsmith professionals that have extensive, practical, real world experience in maintaining and servicing firearms. In addition every TGC Cleaner trains and graduates The Gun Cleaners Academy ensuring that each firearm is cleaned to our corporate standards.

The Gun Cleaners is for those that:

In short if you own a firearm you need The Gun Cleaners!